Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How to download Torrent file with IDM

Every one of us uses torrents to download things from internet, Torrents are really a best of downloading by resuming them, we can download files with higher speed if our torrent has more SEEDS, and generally that is why people prefer downloading the torrents with high number of SEEDS. Un doubtfully torrents are the best sources to download files from internet, but the only irritating part of torrents is, the Downloading speed.
We often come across situations where the torrent downloading speed will be way less than our normal downloading speed, due to less number of SEEDS, Here comes a solution for it, IDM is one the world’s most fastest Downloading manager available in the internet. What if we download torrents with IDM software?? Interesting isn’t it??
Yes we can download Torrents with IDM so that we can get maximum downloading speed even if the torrents has less number of seeds. There are many online sites to download torrents with IDM, I thought to post an article regarding the best online sources available to download torrents with IDM and here it goes. In the post I mentioned about 4 best sites to download torrents using IDM. Just Go through them and pick one of your choice

   .Zbigz - Torrent to IDM downloader

  1. 1. Click [ HERE ] and go to ZBIZ website. It will looks something like this as shown in the below Screen shot.


2. Now Just click on the UPLOAD TORRENT button to browse the torrent file that you downloaded and click on GO.

3. You can either Choose Free or Premium account for ZBIZ. From free account you can only download files with memory less than 1 GB, if your file size is more than 1 GB then you have to go for Premium account. CLICK on Free to Proceed.

4. Now it will take some time to CACHE your torrent file, and after that you can download the file by clicking on DOWNLOAD button.Always keep in mind choose the torrent file with the best seeds for high speed download.click on free always to get free download no need to click on premium.

(There are some other sites that provide the same facility but Zbigz is far better than those others here are some other sites to free download torrent files with IDM.)

PUT.io Torrent to IDM downloader

BoxopusTorrents using IDM downloader

Torrent Handler:Torrents using IDM downloader

(Mediafire Link)


(4 Share Link)

                                           Click Here to DOWNLOAD IDM

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