Sunday, 30 March 2014

Urdu Inpage Full Version Free Download

Urdu Inpage  Full Free Download. Inpage Urdu . Inpage urdu software is very popular software now a days. The latest full version is also available on the official website of Inpage. Urdu 2013 latest is available now. Business solutions privacy is important and Urdu Inpage provides the best platform.

Urdu Inpage  Full Version

Urdu Inpage Full Version has been introduced recently by Inpage team. I consider this as one of the best version i ever seen in urdu inpage full version series. this version has especial integration to support Windows xp , windows Vista and Windows 7 easily. thousands of fonts to be choosen for Urdu Inpage . This can make you go on more and enjoy the best features of urdu inpage. It really has awesome support of multi-languages such as Urdu, Arabic, Saraiki, Kashmiri, Persian, English, Pashto and Sindhi.

It has many other features included such as drawing, designing, coloring, fonts, editing, insert page, insert table, bold, export, copy, cut, paste, print and many more professional features. Urdu inpage really has alot of features which you can easily use and utilize them easily. So in a way Urdu inpage is a full package and a heaven for those who like working on inpage urdu.

With Nastaliq without auto kerning and kashish feature inpage  professional is really aweosme. it has more than 60 unicode Naskh fonts included in it. It has direct unicode support with other softwares. Some of the Features of Inpage Urdu Professional. you can save your file direct as PDF with options of mirror and export all the text as well. Also you can export urdu text in RTF format as well. Footnote can be added in any selected font in Urdu Inpage professional.



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