Sunday, 30 March 2014

SKYPE MULTINET Full version Free Download

Why you Need Skype Full download Installer ?

Skype online installer will require you to stay connected to internet and also if you are planning to install Skype on multiple computers, you will end up wasting your bandwidth. Which is not very idle in many situations like limited bandwidth, slow internet connection and so on.

By using Skype full offline installer, you just need to copy the .exe file from one system to another and install skype. Here I’m sharing direct download link of full Skype installer.

Anyways here is the Skype full download link. Skype is one of the popular IM client which is also use to make phone calls at cheap rate.

I’m a a big fan of Skype service. They offer many premium services for free like group video chat and with premium quality. Though, one thing which I particularly hate about them is their online installer. Skype offers online installer to install full skype and it’s a time consuming process. Here we will share link to download skype full version and install it on multiple device. This executable file will work with Windows, Mac and linux.

Similarly like Skype online installler, many other popular software’s like Google chrome, Yahoo messenger , Skype, Digsby is comes as online installer. This is good for people with slow internet speed but when you need to install skype on multiple system, it’s a good idea to get the stand alone complete executable file of Skype.



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