Friday, 4 April 2014

How To Send Money Via Gmail Simple

How To Send Money Via Gmail Simple

Usually people use gmail as communication tool between letters and other confirmation yet on the other hand can also send money gmail. usually you use PayPal to send money but I think gmail is very easy you can send money as fast paypal ...

Technology giant Google re-presenting his innovations in service Gmail. This time, Google's email service comes with the ability to transfer money, which is inserted (as an attachment).

Reporting from the pages of The Verge, Thursday (02/04/2014), the transfer of this money could be carried out after Google's Gmail integration with Google Wallet feature. Then what does it work?

Simple. Gmail users can just click the button at the bottom of the attachment when you send an email or compose. Once clicked, it will show the new features of the icon "quot;

When sending it as an attachment, then the transfer will be made ​​through Google Wallet. This means Gmail users will be free to transfer when using bank accounts. But if users of Gmail using a credit or debit card, it will be charged 2.9 percent for each transaction, provided that the minimum transaction is U.S. $ 0.3.

1.PLEASE Download and Install here

So after that you can write to ready to take? 
and the amount of money and a short message ...


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